Should You Buy a House With a Pool or Build One?

Do you fancy having a private swimming pool? The freedom and privacy of having your pool drive many home buyers to have a pool in their homes. Should you buy a house with a pool or buy a house and build a pool later?
In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of buying a home with a pool and buying and building one later before you make the big decision.

Buying a House with a Pool

A pool has multiple advantages; it can improve physical health, complement your house, and boost your mental health.

The advantages of buying a house with a pool

•    There is less work involved. You get a house with a pool and you do not have to cater for the installation costs
•    Cool off in the heat. When you buy a home with a pool, you get to enjoy the advantages of having one right away instead of waiting for years to install one
•    Great way to exercise. If you buy a house with a pool, you can start your regular exercises immediately

The cons of buying a house with a pool

•    The increased cost of utilities and maintenance. When you buy a house with a pool, you inherit its maintenance and utility cost
•    You get an already designed pool which might not please you. The pool might be big or small or may have a design you will have to restructure, which takes a lot of money and resources

Buying a house and building a pool

A pool is an excellent amenity in your home. However, finding a home which meets your standards and with a pool can be so challenging. If you find a house which meets your search criteria and doesn’t have a pool, you can go ahead and buy the house and later build your pool.

The Pros of Building your Pool

•    You get to design your pool to the design and size of your liking
•    You are prepared of the maintenance and utility cost

Cons of Building your Pool

•    You may never build that pool. Most people buy a house intending to build a pool sometime later, which may never happen
•    It is expensive to develop your pool as you will have to cater for all the expenses

Bottom Line

Whether you choose to buy a house with a pool or buy and build your pool, you should understand the pros and cons of each of them and settle on the one that suits you best.