Michael Leafer

President of Leaf Management & Funding

Michael Leafer is the President of Leaf Management, a corporation which has rehabbed, managed and provides private financing for residential contractors and real estate investors.

Meet Michael Leafer

Prior to founding Leaf Management, Michael Leafer successfully managed MHL Protection Systems, Inc. for over thirty years. He was highly experienced in designing and installing auto and home security systems, and his work in MHL was well-known throughout the New England market. To him, home and auto security systems make people feel safe in their spaces, and customers’ decisions to chose MHL Protection Systems to install their security systems indicated to him a huge level of trust that his work would keep the customers and their families safe from natural harm or criminal activity. In time, though, Michael took an interest in real estate, and he began to pursue it in his spare time. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this would spark a passion that ultimately resulted in the creation of Leaf Management.

Michael started out by purchasing dilapidated homes, remodeling them, and renovating them. He was fascinated by this process and quickly built up a diverse portfolio of homes he had purchased. After successfully selling MHL Protection Systems, Inc. to prominent alarm company Alarm Security Group, Michael went full-force into the real estate sector. Today, Michael Leafer’s company Leaf Management & Funding rehabilitates houses to beautify neighborhoods and either flips them or rents them to tenants. Additionally, is company offers capital to others who want to embark on the same challenge of purchasing houses in need of serious repairs and investing time, money, and labor into making the edifices livable and beautiful for its future inhabitants.

Leaf Management & Funding

Michael Leafer founded Leaf Management in order to provide short-term lending to investors who wish to rehab and build rental properties. In the last five years Michael has funded rehabbing for a variety of properties, from condemned houses in economically depressed areas to high-end apartments in popular areas. He has built up a balanced portfolio throughout Boston, Massachusetts. Additionally, Michael shows and rents apartments. He currently manages close to 100 units.

Rather than invent things from scratch, Michael has always been interested in retooling existing items or systems and making them better. An entrepreneur to his core, Michael has always enjoyed this aspect of the job. His ability to define how an item can be improved by offering multiple solutions is a skill that his clients have come to trust and expect. To Michael, earning a client’s trust by offering innovative solutions is one of the most rewarding aspects of his professional life.

Additionally, Michael credits the frequent opportunities to work on the homes himself as another source of joy and inspiration. Michael is an expert at sizing up a dilapidated home and swiftly making the necessary changes to transform the space from drab to move-in-ready. Michael reports that his secrets are tools that everybody could implement on any home at any time. A deep clean. A fresh coat of paint. And, installing simple upgrades to lighting and plumbing fixtures. These small projects are fantastic ways to improve your space, especially on a lower budget.

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Michael Leafer’s Background

He initially pursued this as an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Massachusetts; he would later take a similar approach to the new-and-improved security systems which he designed and invented for MHL. Now, at Leaf Management, Michael enjoys his ability to help other rehab houses and improve the potential and overall quality of existing residential and/or commercial properties. Local neighborhood beautification requires dedicated community members to care about the land and inject their own capital into keeping the space healthy, safe, and welcoming.

At Leaf Management Michael will provide short-term funding or loan capital up to 100% of the projected costs of the upgrades and renovations, depending on each specific situation. His client base is always growing, and he has worked with hundreds of individuals whose motivations and backgrounds are diverse. In the past five years, Michael has significantly expanded his portfolio via Leaf Management and manages properties throughout Brockton, Randolph, Foxboro, and other locations in the Greater Boston area.

Please contact Michael Leafer if you are interested in receiving short-term funding/lending in order to flip a home.