The Landlord’s Toolkit: Must-Have Supplies to Make Ongoing Maintenance Easier



Being a landlord is no easy job, and even though it’s tempting to outsource your property’s maintenance work, there are many things you can do yourself so long as you have the right tools. Every landlord needs to have a tool kit stocked with a few essential supplies—it takes more than a hammer and a screwdriver to be prepared as a landlord.

Let’s talk more about what tools you’ll need to have on hand as a landlord. When you have the following tools, you’ll be ready to complete many DIY jobs yourself, which will save you money long term:


Although sometimes it will be necessary to have true handy workers come in to do intricate jobs for you, if you’re comfortable operating a reciprocating saw or a miter saw, it would benefit you to have one. If a stair caves in or a railing falls down, having these tools on hand can help you fix up whatever is broken, fast and affordably.

Cleaning Supplies

As much as we like to avoid thinking about topics such as these, you might have to unclog a toilet or two as a landlord. Clean up is a part of your job description, so you have to have the proper tools to clean things up. Be sure to have basic cleaning supplies such as a toilet plunger, wipes, bleach, paper towels, dish soap, a dust buster and a vacuum, a spray bottle, steel wool and more.

Caulk, Putty, Spackling, and Their Accessories

Whether there’s a hole in the wall or some molding that is deteriorating, you can save yourself a pretty penny if you fix it yourself. In order to complete these jobs without the help of a professional, you’ll want to have things like caulk, a caulking gun, spackling, putty and a putty knife. All of these things will make minor jobs a lot more feasible for a landlord to complete themselves.

A Drop Cloth

Painting and other jobs can make a mess, and you don’t want to make a mess and cause yourself unnecessary expenses. To avoid all of this, be sure to have a drop cloth handy. When you have a drop cloth, you can put it down when you’re painting or performing other renovations. You’ll be able to keep your flooring and appliances/furniture safe all while completing the job at hand.

Landscaping Supplies

Mowing your properties’ lawns and maintaining their flowerbeds is a simple way to save yourself money. However, in order to do the best landscaping job possible, you’re going to need to have lawnmowers, leaf blowers, basic landscaping tools like rakes, trowels, and gloves, and more available to you.

A Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner

If your properties have carpets, they need to be cleaned in-between tenets. While it’s certainly possible for you to outsource this job to a carpet cleaning service, it will be more affordable if you’re able to clean the carpets in your property yourself. You will have to invest in a high-quality carpet cleaner first, but once you have one, it will pay for itself in savings.

Power Drills and Screws

A screwdriver works fine for some things, but for others, you cannot complete the job without a high-quality power drill. Purchase a drill and a few batteries, along with plenty of screws in different sizes. When you have these supplies, you’ll be able to fix simple things, like collapsing window blinds, doors falling off the hinges, and more.

Safety Gear and PPE

Having safety gear and PPE, also known as personal protective equipment, is crucial for landlords. When you’re doing work on your property, you need to make sure you’re keeping yourself safe. So, have things like goggles, respirators/masks, and gloves in your tool kit. Painting without wearing a mask can be damaging to your health, and using a saw without goggles can lead to you getting saw dust in your eyes—avoid these health risks by having safety gear and PPE on hand.

Be Prepared as a Landlord with These Tools

Do it yourself projects are tasks that landlords should be prepared for. No matter how many properties you have, you can keep them maintained when your toolkit is stocked with the things we’ve discussed here. For more information about Leaf Management, contact us.