Every year it seems like there are new color palettes and trends that break onto the scene. Color trends change along with people’s tastes and the constant “modernizing” of the way we decorate our homes. When flipping homes, it’s important to ensure that we are choosing colors that will appeal to the buyers or renters of the property. Choosing the right colors can help people see themselves living in a property (versus not living there), which makes the property more likely to be rented out or purchased.

For 2020, 4 of the latest color trends include the following:

Neutral Colors with Pops of Color:

Jewel-tones come back into style, again and again, making them a great bet when painting your flipped property. Many of these jewel-tones are marked by pops of color that draw the eye to a specific space and highlight the best features that space has to offer. The pop of color does a great job to bring some drama and flair to any space. Relying on pops of color can give almost any space the “oomph” it needs to be a lot more attractive and eye-catching.

Warm Cream Tones:

Warm cream tones are a color palette that never goes out of style.  These are your warm, creamy, earth-like tones that are expected to be popular throughout the remainder of 2020. Terra-cotta is another trend that is performing strongly throughout 2020.

Navy Blue:

Navy blue is considered a “new neutral” color that will likely be popular throughout the rest of 2020. Pantone’s color of the year for 2020 is a great example with Classic Blue holding the prestigious title. Another example is the Sherwin-Williams color of the year being Naval. Blue isn’t thought to be losing popularity any time soon, making it a safe bet for painting your flipped properties.

Warm Pastels:

Warm pastel colors rarely lose popularity. Recently, the trends have shown that pastels with earthy undertones are becoming more popular among both renters and buyers alike. Mixing both spring and autumnal colors are becoming the most popular.


These are 4 of the hottest trends in color palettes for the rest of 2020. When flipping your property, choosing the right color palette for your flip can help encourage renters to choose your property to rent. It can also encourage buyers to purchase a property that they can envision their family living in for years to come.