The unseasonably warm weather has ushered in cooler clothing and outdoor activities including exercise, car washes, and garden preparation. Many have already begun turning their home decor from winter to springtime vibes by including more greenery, flowers, bird and bunny figurines, and more into their aesthetics. To that end, what could be more important than making sure your front door complements your home’s visual goals? Here are some fun ways to create wreaths out of the ordinary that are both springy and unique.

Umbrellas: Nothing says springtime like some April showers! As a creative way to display your flowers and excitement for all the springtime has to bring, hang a closed umbrella upside down and fill it with faux or cut flowers of your choice. Usually the dollar store or another bargain store will have lots of colors and patterns to chose from, so you could get different umbrellas for each bouquet!

Rope: For a more nautical theme or crafty theme, you could wrap foam donuts in string, parachute cords, or rope of your desired texture and color for a really unique take on an already unique theme. For even more pizzazz, use a hot glue gun to affix buttons, themed trinkets like sea shells, or items from nature like twigs and leaves.

Sun hats: Perhaps the most recognized symbol for the joys of working in the garden, sun hats’ shape and connotation make them perfect wreaths. All you need is a basic straw sun hat (often available inexpensively at clothing stores), some ribbon, a hot glue gun, and whatever other springy knick-knacks you think would go along with your sunhat.

Clothes pins: For this simple wreath, you can paint clothespins and clip them to cardboard in the color patterns of your choosing. You could leave them generally untouched for a more rustic appearance, or you could paint them in your favorite colors to match your garden or prefered sports team.
Picture Frames: As I’ve discussed in previous blogs, making wooden frames look weather-worn in an act of upcycling can go perfectly with a shabby-chic aesthetic. First, purchase an inexpensive frame from a second-hand store or craft store. Then, paint the frame and sand it down to give it the well-loved vibe. Picture frame wreaths are perfect for leaving notes to delivery people or visitors.