Renovating a home can be a difficult process. However, thanks to the technological advancements that are commonplace in today’s world, there are apps that you can use to help you with your home renovation process. These apps will help your home renovation run much smoother and efficiently. Here is a look at the best home renovation apps on the market.

Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D allows users to make detailed plan for how they want their future home to look. Users can also plan out the renovation of their current home with either 2D or 3D plans. Users have access to multiple editing and furniture features. Home Design 3D syncs with Dropbox, and users enjoy having the ability to add and move their furniture as they please.

Quick Quote

Quick Quote was founded by Australian House & Garden Magazine to help users with their home and garden needs. The app helps users find quotes on different services that painters, builders, landscapers, and architects offer. To find the best quotes, send photos of your home. You’ll often receive a quick response regarding your quote. After the service has been completed, you can review it to help other people who are using the app.

Room Planner

Room Planner gives you the ability to map out how you want your future home to look using accurate measuring. Room Planner comes with in-app Bluetooth laser measuring. Use the large selection of textures, colors, and materials to redesign your entire home or a few rooms.

Quick Chippy

Quick Chippy has a collection of calculators that can help users. Quick Chippy was designed by a carpenter to help eliminate any mathematical issues from a building project. The 3 apps are easy to use for both professional carpenters and DIY specialists. With Quick Chippy’s range of calculators, you’ll always have running measures available to you.


Roomle gives users a reality and 3D view of their home. You can use your finger to compose sketches, and adjust different angles and dimensions to suit what you are looking for.

Photo Measures

Photo Measures can save you time and paper by taking photos of your room and drawing the dimensions on the photo. You can access and edit the room measurements at any time. If you want more detail, Photo Measures allows you to zoom in and out of the photos. You can also add comments to the photos.