Whether you are moving into a new home or are remodeling your current place, you may be considering turning a spare room into a home office. However, creating a dynamic space that is functional for every member of your family can seem like a daunting task, especially when opinions on design and furniture begin to conflict.

Here are some ways you can easily create a home office that fits — and pleases — the entire family:

Choose your paint wisely

Although it would likely be easier to paint your space a neutral color or even leave the walls as-is, consider infusing the room with vibrant colors to boost motivation and keep the atmosphere cheerful. Provide your family with a few paint swatches or curtain options and select one that you all think would best fit the space — that way, everybody feels included in at least one design decision.

Provide ample work space

While it may be tempting to purchase a traditional desk for your home office, it would be far more efficient for you to purchase a larger piece — such as a kitchen or dining table — to serve as a workspace for your family. By providing this extra room, more people will be able to utilize the room at once without feeling cramped or like others are invading their personal space.

Cleverly eliminate clutter

With everyone in your family sharing a workspace, it is bound to get cluttered sooner or later. Combat this messiness by establishing specific places to keep homework, important files, unfinished work, and other documents. Also, consider opting for multipurpose seating, such as cube ottomans or benches that double as storage chests so you can easily put away your children’s toys or stash away unused chargers.

Make room for the kids

Ensure your little ones feel included in your shared space by creating special workspaces for them as well. This could be achieved by purchasing a vintage grade-school desk, installing a floating desk for their height, or just creating a small reading corner with blankets and decorative throw pillows that they get to select.

Embrace eclectic decor

Include everyone’s unique tastes by allowing them to each select one or two pieces of decor to display in the office space. These pieces could range from paintings, photographs, throw rugs, desk decor, or even their own personal office chair. Just make sure you stick to a designated color palette — otherwise, you might be faced with an unsightly and clashing space.