Are you thinking about selling your home, or is it already on the market but not getting many interested buyers? Maybe the problem is your curb appeal—or the lack thereof. Even a few small changes can make a big difference in how people see your home.

Regular Lawn Maintenance

Even if you do nothing else to update your home, ensuring you perform regular lawn maintenance will up its curb appeal. In addition to mowing regularly, it is also important to remove weeds and water sparse areas so they’ll grow. An overgrown or patchy lawn will likely turn away potential buyers who don’t want to deal with improving the yard. Don’t forget to trim overgrown bushes and trees. If there is no landscaping beyond your basic grass, planting a few flowers and trees will prove how beautiful your yard can be.

Pressure Washing and Painting

First and foremost, update your paint if it needs it. Faded, peeling paint makes it seem as if nobody cares for the home, and could have potential buyers wondering what else you’ve neglected. Fresh paint gives your home new life. Even if you don’t need paint, it’s a good idea to perform pressure washing. Cleaning your home’s exterior removes caked on dirt and debris, making it appear as if you just painted.

Update Your Doors and Shutters

If you have a very old door or shutters, or if they don’t seem to “go” with the rest of the home’s exterior, updating them could bring in more potential buyers. Choose shutters in a neutral shade that matches the rest of the home. The door can add a bit of color, but don’t go too bright or too dark. Be sure to update the hardware as well.

Ensuring your home looks beautiful on the outside is vital to raise curb appeal and get potential buyers interested. Don’t forget to take new pictures for any online listings once your exterior work is complete.