Is your home or apartment on the market? Are you looking to find the best buyer to call your place home? Of course you are! But the process of selling or renting a home can be a large project to tackle on your own. Luckily for you, here a few tips I’ve gleamed over the years. Not only will these secrets help you weed out unmotivated individuals, you’ll also have more confidence to stand by your asking price. Here are four staging tips you can try on your own today!


Staging Tip #1: Clean Until It Shines

A pristine, clean home will always go for more money. Why? More times than not, prospective buyers have a difficult time imagining the space in its ideal manner. If a home is dirty and unappealing, they’ll forge an instant emotional memory of that home. Do what you can to remove all clutter and mess.

Staging Tip #2: Decorate with Classic, Simple Pieces

You don’t have to spend a fortune to craft your home’s compelling story. Hang inexpensive sheer curtains in the windows, and place a doormat leading up to the entrance. Depending on the amount of furniture in the space, you might also consider adding a vase of fresh flowers on the table or a bowl of fruit in the kitchen. When you take the time to make the house feel alive, your buyers will feel that, too.

Home staging

Staging Tip #3: Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Remember, this is the image that they’ll see when they first arrive! Do your best to make sure that the lawn is mowed and the sidewalks are swept. If you have time, do a little weeding or planting. If you’re looking to attract long-term, stable renters, you’ll want to make the effort to woo them.

Staging Tip #4: Focus on your Floors & Walls

When staging an empty house or apartment, the floors and the walls of the place will be noticed, whether you want them to or not! If you’re dealing with old carpet, why not professionally clean it or replace it? If the space is blessed with hardwoods, see if you can refinish the surface with a cleaner or a heavy-duty polishing.

For the walls: patch up any visible holes and paint over any outdated or damaged areas.

Staging your home can go a long way when attracting the right occupants for your home. By taking time to plan and organize the staging before you begin to show the house, you’ll be better prepared throughout the entire project!

Home Staging 101

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