Do you want to make noticeable improvements to your home or apartment before selling or leasing the space to new residents? Who doesn’t?

Upgrading your space can go a long way in terms of investment for you. While you may wonder of the projects are worth your time, the answer is usually yes!

In a few previous posts, I’ve discussed simple ways you can update your kitchen. But what about another very important space in the home–the bathroom. It’s not uncommon for future residents to cross a home off their list if the bathroom is outdated or not functioning properly.

Think about it. Like the kitchen, this room is used frequently. Homeowners and renters want to enjoy this space. And, it’s been proven that subtle upgrades to this room will pay off big time in terms of value.

Take a look at these simple ways you can revamp your bathroom! All of these ideas can be done in a weekend. Best of all, they won’t break the bank!

Photo of bathroom renovation

  1. Clean, Clean, Clean!

We talk about cleaning often on the blog and for a good reason! Nothing has the power to radically transform a space for free like cleaning! While it’s nobody’s idea of a vacation to scrub an old bathroom, it’ll be in your best interest to make sure this room sparkles. Key places to spend time on? You’ll want to make sure the surfaces on the toilet, sink, and tub are pristine!

  1. Simply Remove the Seat!

Replacing the toilet is a large project that may be out of your skill-set or price range. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave the toilet as-is! Why clean an old seat when you can buy and install a new one in less than 30 minutes. This simple trick can go a long way in terms of aesthetic! Make this update mandatory for each house or apartment you refab!

  1. Replace that Old Shower Head!

Another easy tip that will make a big impact in the minds of your potential buyers. Visit your local hardware store to price out the different models on the market. It’s not a bad idea to spend a bit more money to buy a shower head that offers a detachable hose. Investing in small, luxurious upgrades like this will speak volumes to your clients!

  1. Check Your Lighting!

If you find yourself in an older bathroom, chances are the lighting fixture is way out of date. Replacing the bathroom lighting is a great way to modernize the space without spending a fortune. Bonus: installing a new light fixture will save you time on cleaning an older model!

  1. Stage it Right!

If you’re staging the home or apartment for multiple showings, it’s always a great idea to add a few details to the room. Not only will these items mask any problem areas in the room, but they’ll also present the space in a nicer way. Check out the following suggestions below to cleverly disguise any features that you won’t be able to refab!

  • Outdated tub? Try hanging a colorful shower curtain!
  • Can’t replace the sink? Add a small vase of flowers and tea candle to make the space seem welcoming!
  • Keeping the old floor? Throw down a small rug!

While these small changes won’t fix any of the problems, they will make the space appear inviting! Remember, you’ll want the space to feel like home!

Stop by often for the latest tips and tricks to rehab your property!