Most people have countless more books than they need, and storing them can prove to be a colossal pain in the neck. If you’re looking for creative ways to store your books, either for your own aesthetic pleasures or for showing a house to sell, here’s some new takes on an old problem:

Shadow Box and Picture Frames: You can easily mount shadow boxes onto a wall with either nails and screws and shelve your books directly onto the wall. The deeper the shadow boxes are, the larger the books it’ll be able to support. If you really want to get creative with this particular idea, you can decorate the perimeter of the box with lace or an actual picture frame to make it look like you’re framing your books onto your wall.

Old File Cabinet Drawers: Removed from the cabinets, the drawers function perfectly once stood on their own! You can use any materials you want to decorate them, including but not limited to decoupage, lace, paint, or lacquer.

Weathered Ladders: Small wooden step ladders are absolutely adorable and also make for the perfect mini bookshelf to keep in a child’s room or bathroom for entertainment and

Spinning Coffee Table: Think Lazy Susan, but books! For oversized coffee table books of landscape or fashion photography and babies’ board books, a spinning coffee table top could provide everyone sitting around it access to whatever book they’d like to read or browse!

Milk Crates: Especially for baby board books or for dorm rooms, it’s important to be able to pick up and transport a lot of books at once. Milk crates turned on their side are absolutely perfect for holding anything from books to binders to clothing because with a simple turn, they’re a sturdy vesicle for moving large quantities of heavy items without a whole lot of sweat. They also stack well, so you can keep up the illusion of a wood-constructed shelf.