Inspecting your property is essential and a personal decision depending on the kind of property you are renting, the type of tenants you attract and the type of relationship you want to establish with your tenant. Property inspections will help you assess the home’s condition and manage any repairs early enough to avoid extra costs.

Depending on your preferences, you may want to watch your property closely, even when you have a property management service, or may prefer to be hands-off, especially when you are renting a property in another state. Read on to learn how to handle your rental investment properties.

How Often Is Enough?

A couple of early visits help you know the kind of tenants living on your property. Mismanaged property inspections could irritate the tenants, and the last thing you and the property managers want to do is get rid of responsible tenants. In most cases, rental property inspections happen once every sixteen weeks, translating to about three times a year.

Even when you have property managers that could inspect your property, you should visit the home occupants at least twice a year.  Ensure you inspect your property during a scheduled visit with your property manager and notify the tenants, preferably one week in advance, that you will be inspecting the home.

The Hands-Off Approach

If you prefer having no relationship with your tenants or have rental property investments in another state, property management services are perfect for you. Depending on the depth of services you are paying for, the property inspectors will give you details of your home after every inspection.

The type of contract you have with your property managers will determine how they handle repair issues and home improvements where necessary. Good property inspectors will give you comprehensive information and send you pictures of the home.

It is advisable to state how you or the property management service will carry out the home inspection in the lease agreement. At Leaf Management, you will learn more about property visits and inspections. Follow us on social media, and we will answer all your questions.