Tumblr and Pinterest are full of beautiful homes that seem to be lifted right off the pages of romance novels. Bohemian homes are designers’ dreams — minimalist, an extension of nature, and tastefully albeit sparsely decorated. If you want to stage a home for young adults, opting for a Bohemian feel may be the way to go. Here’s some tips on how to do so.

Lots of foliage: As per the school of Frank Lloyd Wright, a house should be an extension of its surroundings, so to fully embrace the Boho vibes, include lots of hearty green plants, including elephant ears, succulents, and other that are suited for life indoors. You can never have too few, especially if they’re planted in terracotta pots to add to the natural vibe of the space.

Lots of sunlight: Harness the power of the sun instead of polluting the room with dingy yellow lights. As much as you can, opt for gossamer or another thin fabric for curtains and let the light bounce around the room via glass and mirrors. Your plants will love it, and your space will feel very natural and dreamy. Your circadian rhythms will also thank you when it comes time to sleep.

Neutral Colors: Soft whites and very very pale pastels will draw attention away from the background noise and towards your statement pieces and flora. The object here is minimalism — don’t give power to anything you don’t need to. As such, soft colors will help bounce around the sunlight and keep the dwellers’ attention on the parts of the room that matter from the statement pieces to the natural influences.

Geometric Patterns: The pleasing shapes and patterns in sacred geometry are integral to the Boho look. Since ancient times, mathematical geometry has been used to mimic the way that nature organizes itself. Between the links to exotic cultures and the beauty of natural mathematics, geometric patterns are integral to a true boho look.

Vintage and Rustic storage: Rough wooden crates and other weather-worn items with chipped paint or rust speak to the union of the old and the new. Rescue old furniture from thrift shops or garage sales, get it back in working condition, and welcome it into your home.