Whether you’re moving, traveling, or just need to organize your room, jewelry is usually that last little thing that’s tough to do. The pieces are small and easy to lose, chains easily get tangled and knotted, and scratches can ruin an otherwise enviable piece. Here are some easy tips to keep your jewelry organized, tangle-free, and easily located.

Get rid of the jewelry you don’t need: As I’ve mentioned before, the Kondo method for deciding which items you truly need in your home will help you get rid of the items you don’t wear a lot, the items you keep because of guilt, and the ones that are attached to bad memories. Before you even start organizing, get rid of the items you don’t need.

Egg cartons: Very cost effective (read: free with the purchase of a dozen eggs), egg carton compartments are usually the perfect size for earrings or necklaces. Egg cartons are also easily decorated with paint, and in the event you have to move, you can stuff the empty space in the carton with newspaper or cotton balls to keep your valuables safe and sound.

Straws: For necklaces especially, straws will keep your chains from getting too tangled. Fish the chain through the straw and clasp it so the straw hangs like a pendant. This will keep your necklaces from tangling on themselves or with each other.

Buttons: For small earrings, buttons will help keep the pairs together at the very least. Pinning pairs together in the holes of the buttons holds them together, making them easy to find and stay organized.

Pill boxes: Best for small earrings, pins, and brooches, etc., pill boxes are literally designed to hold tiny pills, making them just as good for your jewelry. Pill boxes are often labeled by day of the week, so if you’re planning your travel outfits by day, you can do the same with your jewelry choices.

Cork strips: Long necklaces can decorate your outfit when you’re wearing them and decorate your walls when you’re not. Cork strips and thumb tacks are all you need to store and display your necklaces along your wall when they’re not in use. Gravity does the heavy lifting in keeping the pieces from getting tangled, and you have a beautiful and eclectic display to add to your room

Glad Plastic Wrap: For long-term storage like moving, Glad press’n’seal can work as decent makeshift shrink wrap to keep all your pieces separated and tangle-free.