If you are struggling with decorating your home because you are concerned about your toddler(s) staining, knocking over, or finding some way to spill juice on your expensive new decor, worry no longer!

Seeing as you are definitely not alone in this situation, several interior design experts have compiled a list of kid-proof home decor that is as chic as it is practical. Here are several of their suggestions:

Don’t be afraid of patterns

Although light neutral colors and fabrics have been and continue to be a major trend, patterned pieces and rugs are parents’ best friends, as they are forgiving of major messes and require very little maintenance. Also, opt for darker patterns, since they will beautifully conceal the occasional jelly (or even red wine) stain.

Adopt easy-to-clean fabrics

Combat your child’s affinity for making messes by purchasing easy-to-clean or even stain-resistant fabrics to cover your couches, dining chairs, or other formal seating. These textiles include solution-dyed acrylic — which is entirely safe to bleach, regardless of color — and Crypton, a self-proclaimed “super fabric” that is durable and only requires a single wipe to clean.

Opt for an alternative coffee table

No matter if your child is just learning to walk or is already running throughout the house, sharp corners are not their friend. Prevent any bumps, bruises, or cuts by investing in an alternative coffee table, such as an upholstered ottoman. Not only will this piece keep your kids a little safer, but it will add a chic flare to your living room as well.

Invest in out-of-reach valuables

If you are still searching for a few bigger ticket items, make sure they are far out of your children’s or pets’ reach. This can be done by investing in hanging pieces such as paintings, lighting fixtures, or even curtains that can tolerate an accidental tug or two.

Purchase practical paint

Thanks to washable paints that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), you no longer have to sacrifice style for safety. Several companies produce these kid-safe paints, including Benjamin Moore, Behr Paints, and Valspar Ultra — all of which can be found at you local Lowe’s, Home Depot, or hardware store.

Utilize built-ins

Finally, find a way to combat clutter by investing in built-in storage systems. These pieces can be a real lifesaver, especially when it comes to storing toys, books, and other items that do not typically live in your child’s room. You can easily get a quote for a built-in from your contractor or can even opt to do it yourself. No matter what you do, ensure this storage system is as child-safe as possible.