Renting out your house or apartment is a great way to make some extra money on the side. The “gig economy” is booming, and thrifty young people would rather immerse themselves in their vacation destination by staying in a real home. Beyond the basics of clearing your criminal background, below are some tips for getting your house at the top of its game to attract guests and ensure positive reviews.

Deep clean your space. Beyond your usual once-over with a vacuum, really ensure your space is spotless. Rent a steam-cleaner to lift any spots, mold, or potential allergens out of your carpet and upholstery. You never know what could trigger an allergy attack for your guests, so sanitize as much as you can. Some hosts suggest hiring a professional cleaning service between guests as well.

Protect your valuables. Most guests are pure of heart, but either lock or totally remove from the space important items like your passport or keepsakes. You may also want to padlock your mailbox and inform your neighbors that there will be guests in your space just in case of suspicious activity.

Consider the amenities they may find handy. Of course, ensure the basics such as towels, travel sized toiletries, etc., but since they’ve chosen your home and not a hotel, make it feel homey. Hosts often leave coffee pots, cookware and dishware, condiments, kitchen appliances, umbrellas, bikes, and more to make sure all the guests’ needs are met.

For all the appliances you decide to let your guests use, make sure that there are clear instructions on how to use them. There’s nothing more frustrating than staring at shower knobs unsure of what they do!

Give your guests some ideas for what to do. Consider some travel pamphlets, site-seeing guides, or local attractions to help your guests plan their itinerary. Some hosts even invite guests along to their own plans and parties. You certainly don’t have to go that far, but guests notice when you go out of your way to ensure they have lots of opportunities and things to do.

Make sure your guests would have plenty to do on a night in. Providing a TV with access to Netflix and Hulu and even some board games or videogames will ensure that your guests will not only enjoy visiting your town, but also staying in your space. Leave take-out menus with personal notes and reviews for this same purpose.

For the day your guests arrive, make them feel at home immediately. Some hosts leave cookies, flowers, or drinks on the counter so the guests feel welcome and safe in your space. First impressions are everything, and a pleasant smell and warm treat almost always leave a good one!