Protect Your Investment: When to Have the Roof Inspected – Pt 1



Protect Your Investment: When to Have the Roof Inspected

Real estate is a long-term investment. Being a landlord is an opportunity to both make income from your properties and allow the value of each property to appreciate over time. However, without regular maintenance, even the finest house can lose value by falling into disrepair. A reoutine maintenance schedule is the best way to protect your investment. However, one of the most commonly overlooked items on a rental home’s maintenance checklist is roof care.

Roof inspections should be a normal part of any home maintenance routine. Because most neighborhood roofers offer free roof inspections and estimates, it makes good sense to have each rental home’s roof inspected any time there are signs of trouble or an opportunity to detect damage before a problem develops. But when is the right time to have your roof inspected?

Let’s go through all the best times to call for a free roof estimate to protect your tenants and your long-term investments.


1. Once a Year, Whether You Need It Or Not

Every home should have a roof inspection once a year, ideally immediately after the harshest weather of the year. This will give you an opportunity to catch any recent roof damage as early as possible. Roof damage can also accumulate slowly from a small issue into a larger one over time. Regular roof inspections can prevent you from missing something important – so that repairs can happen before there’s a costly leak or structural attic damage to your home.

It is reccomended to schedule roof inspection at least once a year, whether the home appears to need it or not. This also gives you a chance to get a clear estimate of the roof’s age, condition, and proximity to the next roof replacement.


2. If Your Roof Looks Ragged from a Distance

When it comes to roofing, “out of sight, out of mind” creates a commonly overlooked problem. However, your eyes can tell you if the roof is taking damage if you look at the roof’s surface from a short distance.

Take a step out to the curb and look up at your roof. If it looks like all one color and texture, you’re in good shape. However, if the roof looks “ragged”, rough or apparently missing patches, call your roofer. This can mean you have numerous dangerous or damaged shingles and it’s time for an inspection.


3. Before Storm Season or the First Snow

Every region has a unique storm season. Try to book a roof inspection before the first big seasonal storm and/or the first winter snowfall. Seasonal storms can be very hard on rooftops, especially the shingles. Let your tenants know that, for their safety, you would like to book a roof inspection before the storms hit to ensure the home is in the best condition possible. This will ensure that your tenants are protected and your roof is at it’s most durable when the seasonal storms or heavy snows blow through.


4. After Every Major Storm

Major storms with strong winds fast enough to tear branches off of trees can also tear shingles off your roof. If your tenants hear a branch hit your roof – or even if no major damage is done – it’s best to have a roof inspection after each storm to make sure that you won’t discover a new leak the next time it rains. Quick shingle repair and replacement can have your roof back to peak condition in time for the next storm of the season.

Keep an eye on the weather. Alert your tenants after any major storms and schedule a roof inspection to ensure that they and the house are safe.


[Continued in Part 2]