Buying and selling a home is a tedious process. There are many small and large details of a home that owners will often spruce up when showing their house to potential buyers. While it may seem like a challenge to sell a home without spending a fortune to make everything appear perfect, there are quick fixes that cost little to nothing. If you’re looking for quick and cheap fixes to make your home ready to sell, here’s what to do.

Velcro a Rug

No one likes walking on a slippery rug. This DIY hack of velcroing your rug can save you a little effort and money too. This will keep your rug in place as guests walk over it. If a rug slips or becomes crooked, potential buyers might see the room to be untidy. Whether it’s the bathroom or hallway rug, make sure it stays in place.

WD-40 on Squeaky Windows

Believe it or not, potential homebuyers will open and close everything when looking through your home, including windows. If you have squeaky or hard to open windows, spray a little WD-40 on the slider for ease of mind as buyers look at your home.

Un-scuff Linoleum

Linoleum floors are easy to clean, and surprisingly easy to fix when scuffed. White toothpaste works wonders as a polish to linoleum floors, covering up scratches and scuffs with minimal effort. Although it’s not hardwood floors, linoleum can be very appealing when it looks new.

Bake Cookies

Right before you have a showing, bake cookies in your oven. The smell of fresh baked goods is warm and invited to potential buyers. Instead of spending money on air freshners full of chemicals, cookies will give your home a more natural scent.

Half-Empty Your Closet

Storage is a must-have for potential buyers. As mentioned before, people will open and close everything when looking at your home. You don’t want to remove everything from your closet, however make sure it’s half empty before a showing. Proper staging for a showing will allow your closet to look larger, and pleasing to buyers looking for storage-worthy closets.

Add Shrubs in Your Entryway
The first impression anyone gains when visiting your home is as they walk through the front door. To make your home appear inviting and give off a great first impression, add plants or shrubs to your entryway. Potential buyers will immediately be more open to seeing the rest of the home.