Recession occurs in a business when there is a decline in economic activity. It causes a decrease in incomes, sales, and production. Due to these reasons, it is important to come up with strategies to prevent and solve recession in order to retain and attract more investors. These strategies are called recession proofing strategies. An asset, industry or company is said to be recession-proof it does not decline in value during the recession.

Possibility of recession

It is inevitable, therefore, there is a possibility that most businesses stand a chance of a recession in the next twelve months. It therefore advisable to come up with strategies to help prevent as well as solve recession before and after it occurs.

As a real estate investors, one has to have knowledge of recession proofing as well as prepare to prevent making a bad decisions which may lead to losses. Some businesses stand a higher risk of recession than others. For those that experience high recession, the impact is faster and lasts longer or even leads to permanent financial damage.


Recession proofing involves preparation. This ensures that in case of a recession one enjoys financial stability. This can be done through the following:

1. Coming up with an emergency savings plan. These ensure one is able to run their daily activities, for instance, enough money for house utilities. One should have a backup saving account for expenses.

2. Avoid or pay off high-interest loans as well as minimize on debt. It is important to avoid unnecessary debts which are overwhelming tiring during payment. Work within your budget.

Investment is a process that involves making of financial decisions. At times one tends to avoid some decisions that may lead to recession. It is therefore important to weigh the available options in order to come up with the best solutions for recession proofing.