While some renovations can take weeks or even months to complete, there are plenty that can be done in a shorter time span and still make quite the statement in a home. Here are four renovating hacks you can complete in a single weekend.

Cabinets and Drawers

You do not have to do an overhaul on cabinets to bring them back to life. Depending on the stain or coloring, you can choose oils such as lemon, orange or walnut to give them a natural deep clean and moisturizing, leaving them with a revived sheen. Be sure to have plenty of ventilation during this process. Change out the knobs or pulls for an easy modernization of cabinets and drawers.


Add a fresh coat of paint to your front door to invigorate the entryway. Switch up the color for a vibrant splash and consider adding detail work or a fun design around the edges. Replace worn interior doors with modern options such as bi-fold closet doors or wooden doors between rooms with frosted glass panels to allow light to flow while maintaining privacy.



Floors get a lot of traffic, gradually dulling in appearance and adding lackluster to a space. In a single weekend you can deep clean and polish hardwoods to add vitality back into a room. Carpet can be replaced with tile in your entryway and flooring in small spaces, such as a bathroom, can be replaced in a short time period.


Hanging lamp

Take a look up and evaluate the lighting throughout your home. Switch out dated light fixtures with updated, modern pieces. Do you have dark corners or rooms on the dim side? Add in an ornate sconce or other wall lighting to brighten the space and add a little embellishment. For a bolder statement and a bit of sparkle, consider chandelier lighting.

These renovations can reinvigorate a dated space with a quick turn-around time. Arm yourself with the right supplies on Friday and by Sunday you can enjoy a new look to your home.