Though most people only buy rental properties in their town, others prefer to buy them in areas where they are really popular. However, you aren’t going to be around to take care of the property, so it is really important to find a property management company to do it for you.

So, how can you find the right property management company? Here are some things that you should consider.

Ask around. If you have an apartment or two in a popular vacation spot, there are going to be a lot of property management companies that are used to dealing with landlords who don’t live nearby. If you end up staying somewhere when you are visiting, ask the owner who they use. You may also be able to ask the locals about any companies that they may have heard of.

Look online. Most people look online when they need to find out something, and this is no different. Once you find a few companies in the right location, it is important to read the reviews. That being said, everyone is going to get some negative reviews so you shouldn’t worry too much about a few bad reviews.

Interview the company. Once you settle on one or two, it is important to set up a meeting. At that time, you can meet the property managers. You should also be able to get a list of the things that they could do for you and what it is going to cost.

It is important that you make sure that they offer everything that you need. There is no use in hiring someone if you are going to get called in the middle of the night for an emergency. You are going to be too far away to deal with it, so you are going to need someone to take care of everything for you.

Look at the properties that they are caring for. You may also want to look at some of the other properties that they are taking care of. This allows you to see how good of a job that they do. Is the outside well taken care of? If you are able to walk in, does everything look clean? Do the visitors look happy as they walk out?

Though it can be hard to find the right company, it is definitely worth it. By doing your homework, both in person and online, you can find someone to take the stress out of being a landlord!