Duplexes are multi-family homes with two units standing in one building. The duplex could either be a two-story building with one front yard, or the units could stand side by side, sharing a wall.

On the other hand, a single-family home is built on a separate property and is not attached to any other building. Both single-family homes and duplexes need maintenance, and here is what you should know about repairs and notices.

Single-Family Home Repairs

While you will enjoy the privacy that comes with single-family homes, a damaged home could mean spending a large amount of your income on repairs or getting a loan. Repairs can be complicated and expensive. With no one to share the cost with, you might use up all your savings.

Duplex Repairs

Most duplex owners own the entire building, living in one half and renting the other one. In this case, going about repairs is not complicated as the owner will handle them unless stated otherwise by the lease terms. The owner could also decide that the client renting the other side of the duplex should take responsibility of all repairs on that side and give a notice of repairs, if any, depending on the lease terms.

However, if two people own both sides of the duplex independently, how should the repair and damage expenses be split? Anything that involves money could be contentious, which is why splitting any repair bills in half should be in writing. Contacting legal professionals from the start can help stipulate how the repairs should be handled, especially those involving both sides.

Single Family Home Repairs Versus Duplex Repairs

When living in a single-family home, ensure you have enough wiggle room in your budget to handle all sorts of repairs and notices yourself, unlike in a duplex where you can share the costs with the other party.

While it sounds cheaper to own and repair a duplex than a single-family home, sharing costs can be complicated and could sometimes require the law to intervene.

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