For half-baths or older houses, bathrooms can be little bigger than a walk-in closet, leaving little to no room for storage. Some people choose to live with the clutter and accept that they’ll never be able to live their minimalist bathroom dreams. Before you give up completely, there are a couple of storage tips and tricks that can help you keep even the tiniest shoebox of bathrooms tidy and trendy.

Floating Shelves: Don’t resort to over stuffing your cabinets and stacking items on top of each other on the floor — that’s a recipe for disaster and stuff toppling over. Instead, you can use floating shelves drilled into the walls to take some of the clutter off the floor. Lotions, board books, febreze, you name it — all are slender enough that a wooden floating shelf will hold them securely and also add a shabby-chic vibe to your restroom.

Vanity Jars: For things like makeup brushes, tooth brushes, tubes of products, and Q-tips, make them a part of the aesthetic, not a detractor. You can upcycle jars from a local thrift shop or purchase new mason jars at a craft store and really make these elements a part of your vanity. Dress them up or dress them down to match whatever you have going on.

Hanging Knobs: For towels, loofahs, washcloths, and even jewelry, you can hang rather than stack to keep your floors clear. At most craft stores or hardware stores, you can purchase knob boards at generally affordable prices and paint them or decoupage them to work with the aesthetics of the restroom. Then, you can hang all your towels on them and navigate your tiny bathroom without tripping on anything!

Step Stools: Tiny weather-worn ladders are not only cute but incredibly functional for holding fresh towels for guests, new rolls of toilet paper, or cleaning supplies. You can usually find such items at second hand stores, thrift shops, or garage sales if you’re patient enough. Then, of course, make it your own! Paint it, add lace, or find a whole new way to decorate it.