There comes a time when your child isn’t quite a child anymore. They grow into teenagers with their own attitudes, ideas, styles, and personalities. As you could imagine, they’ll want their bedrooms or personal spaces to reflect who they’re growing into and their growing sense of self. If you have a child who’s ready to redecorate their room, here are some trendy ideas for teens to make their bedrooms feel more like “them.”

Lights: With the growing importance of Good Selfie Lighting™, many teens would jump at the opportunity to tear down their standard ceiling fan lights and replace it with some more stylish bulbs, mood lighting, and trendy decor practices. String lights, for example, double as both light sources and as modern wall decorations.

Mirrors: A trusty mirror can perform double-duty as a selfie device and as an optical illusion. Interior designers have long been using mirrors to bounce light around rooms, thereby making them look better-lit and larger than their square footage would lead one to think. Both of these aspects make the addition of more mirrors perfect for upgrading a room from a kids room to a teens room.

Comforters: Chances are your child has been sleeping on the same cartoon, race car, or princess comforter for years on end. Purchasing a new comforter, sheets, pillowcases, and throw pillows can drastically alter the room’s feel and maturity. Especially during the summer months, stores like Bed Bath and Beyond are having huge summer blowout sales for college students to deck out their dorm rooms. Take advantage of these great prices and go shopping with your child to pick out some new bedding.

Posters: Zoo animals may have been perfectly acceptable at one point, but that’s not gonna fly with a young adult. You and your tween or teen can browse local art shows, flea markets, and Etsy stores to purchase some more modern posters with quotations, celebrities, modern art, or whatever would best reflect who your teen is growing into.

Rugs: It may cost entirely too much to have a new carpet installed, but throw rugs are priced reasonably and can be changed as frequently as your teen’s fashion sense does. Homegoods stores update their offerings rather frequently and sell everything from white fuzzy numbers to hand woven welcome mats.