If real estate popularity is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. It is one thing to seek a nice residential place to live or an up and coming commercial building in mind. It is another to discover those high demand zip codes that are attracting the most attention, and for good reason. It seems like every other article on the internet highlights the newest city that offers affordability and charm. Why not explore the market so you can get a jump start on which cities show the most potential as frontrunning places to visit and live.


Today’s real estate commodities whirl around the various levels of measurable and financial points of value and accessibility. For instance, calculating the mean number of a home’s market standing by number of days, number of listing site views and a percentage of homes owned by certain age groups all come in to play when determining prime real estate areas. Prime meaning accessible to local conveniences and less expensive lifestyles among more expensive neighborhoods.

Let’s take a closer look at a few zip code locations that seem to have it all.

76148 – Watauga, Texas

North Texas lovers never had it so good in Watauga, Texas. Located near Fort Worth, Texas, this little slice of heaven meets everything big in Texas. With an affordably attractive home median price of $137,000, residents and residents-to-be can root for their favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys while sitting on the porch drinking their favorite beverage. Neighborhoods are lush with greenery and that old-town feel – perfect for raising families. In Watauga, friends and neighbors celebrate all kinds of victories at local restaurants filled with the spirit of Texas.

80233 – Northglenn, Colorado

Heading a little further west stands Northglenn, Colorado with a median listing of approximately $277,908. Not bad for being surround by nature’s finest scenery. Scenery isn’t the only attraction in places like Northglenn, Colorado, Oregon and Massachusetts. Growing families are also recognizing the value in slower paced lifestyles perhaps inspired by generations before them. Unemployment hovers around 4% and job growth is on the rise.

Here is a list of other favorite zip codes in high demand with median list prices below $400,000 and market list days under 30:

1. 63126 Crestwood, Missouri

2. 37214 Nashville, Tennessee

3. 48072 Berkley, Michigan

4. 58103 Fargo, North Dakota

5. 97222 Milwaukie, Oregon

6. 40242 Louisville, Kentucky

7. 94585 Suisun City, California

High demand zip code areas are meeting the desires of yester-year’s real estate preferences with the luxuries of tomorrow’s innovation. It’s all about affordability meeting a higher standard of living at a price you never expected. While many of these locations are emerging cities and towns, it’s worth nothing where the estimated markets are expected to grow.