Cleaning. It’s a job that’s not high on anybody’s favorite to-do list. Yet, this chore has the power to transform your space while costing you absolutely nothing. As an entrepreneur whose main job is to renovate older buildings and homes to make them livable and inviting, I’ve put in many hours to this task. 

But, wait a minute. Is cleaning worth it? Why would I choose this as one of the best ways to improve a space?

Because cleaning is a powerful tool for the novice and professional fixer-upper.

If you’re new to the game or you’re just starting out, understanding the basic tenets of cleaning can go a long way. There’s no point in spending a few hours when you’re simply migrating the dirt from space to space. A deep clean requires the right tools and a large dose of elbow grease. Here’s what you’ll need to get started. Keep in mind that a deep scrub will go a lot easier with the right cleaning supplies. Here’s a breakdown of my go-to tools:  

  • A deep bucket

Nothing will be as important as a bucket to carry with you from spot to spot. Choose one with a handle.

  • Microfiber cloths

A seasoned cleaner will back me up on this one. Microfiber material has the ability to pick up dust and trap it in its fibers. A great tool for radiators, stairway spindles, and every nook and cranny in the bathroom.

  • Disposable Gloves

Trust me on this one. Wearing a pair of gloves while you clean somebody else’s home is an absolute must. In old homes, especially, you may find animal feces or families of spiders. Keep yourself protected by slipping on a pair of gloves before you start!

  • A vacuum and a steam mop

To properly clean the floors, you’ll need to vacuum first to remove all dust and dirt. You’ll also be required to scrub the floors. Cleaning the floor by hand is the best method, however, using a steam mop that targets dirt with a strong, sterilizing steam is a great idea.

  • A collection of the right cleaners

Cleaning with water alone may remove some of the dust, but by adding a small amount of cleanser to your bucket will aid you substantially in the process. Here are my recommendations:

  • Murphy’s Oil: for wood floors and all wood surfaces
  • Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner: for all bathroom surfaces
  • Easy-off: for the insides of hard-to-clean ovens
  • Comet: the best solution to scour a kitchen sink
  • Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: Perfect for removing smudges and dirt from a fridge door, light switch plate, or on stubborn stains

What are your favorite tools or cleaning products that you’ve found to be the best at removing dirt? Send me your ideas and check back often to read more on how you can transform your space on a small budget. Remember, cleaning may not be fun, but it’s impact is well worth it!