Your best friend is about to host a housewarming party, and you’re positive that you’ve found the best, most meaningful gift. You’re excited to give it; you imagine that the utterly unique present you offer will accompany the couple for years as a reminder of the best day of their lives. You feel this way up until you actually step through the door to hand it over…and find five just like it sitting on a nearby table.

Needless to say, you’re a bit deflated after that.

Shopping for newlyweds can be difficult, simply because they could potentially need so much. Finding a gift that is both personal and practical can seem next to impossible, especially when you know that dozens of people are shopping for the same couple with identical criteria.

That said, finding a special gift is possible, especially if you take the time to consider the couple’s individual circumstances. For instance, a younger couple moving into a new house will probably appreciate a beautiful new set of pots and pans more than an older, cohabiting pair that already has all of their cooking gear. Give a thought to what the newlyweds actually need, and you’ll find a gift that the pair will value for years.

If you’re still at a loss for ideas, read on!

Personalized Stationery

A name change requires updated personal stationary – and, given the number of thank-you notes newlyweds will need to send after their wedding, the new supplies will be badly needed sooner rather than later!

Plants/Indoor Gardening Supplies

Every new home needs a little life! Give newlyweds the means to create their own beautiful indoor landscape by buying them plants or gardening supplies. Even one plant can add desperately needed vibrancy to a new home!

Spice Kit

Outfitting a full spice cabinet can be an expensive and often long-term process. Newlyweds may not have the time to accommodate a trip to a nearby spice stand – so save them the trouble and bland food by picking up a spice kit! These small containers will hold them over during the stressful moving period, and make for a homey kitchen.

Handy Household Basket

Tool kits, paint buckets, drop cloths – outfitting a new house takes work. Lighten the couple’s load by providing some of household tools they need to make a house their own. Alternatively, you could offer a written promise to help with some of the heavy lifting!


Sometimes a nice soup or casserole matters more than the attractive dish holding it. Make dinnertime less of a hassle for overwhelmed newlyweds by offering to make a few homemade meals!  

If all else fails, a desperate guest can check for gaps in the wedding registry for ideas – but a quick grab at a department store won’t have the meaning that a thoughtfully chosen present will. Give a bit of thought to what a newlywed couple needs, and you’ll undoubtedly find the search more meaningful!