There’s a difference between a reality TV show vs a show you might find useful information. Here is a list of the top television shows for home renovations.

Trading Spaces

The concept of this show is that two neighbors remodel and/or redecorate a single room for no less than a grand and within 48 hours. This sounds really cool, except that neither person has any say in the remodeling done inside of their own home.

Fixer Upper

Based in Waco, TX, a company fixes the structures falling apart, but they also get the homeowners (or potential buyers) to see the possibilities every home has to offer, even with its imperfections. This company does their absolute best to save the places that are considered to be “goners.”

Property Brothers

This show has tons of brotherly love involved. These two siblings fix up houses falling apart and turn them into “dream homes.” The risk involved, is when they show the properties to potential buyers and try to convince them that their work is flawless. In order to begin working, they first must sell the property beforehand.

Flip or Flop

Ex-real estate agents invest in homes, such as foreclosures, bank-owned properties, etc. They remodel them entirely, so they are able to sell it to potential buyers. They very commonly purchase properties at auctions, too.

Design on a Dime

These kinds of renovations are simply for the more or less “unattractive” qualities inside of a homeowner’s property. They’re usually done on a budget of a thousand dollars, or, for more difficult projects that might require a bigger budget, $2,500. This helps tremendously in making property makeovers more affordable and attainable.

Extreme Home Makeover

This is more of a race to get the necessary renovations done within a week. Still popular, but was canceled in 2011.

Renovation Realities

This is more of a “Do It Yourself” type of home renovations show. Similar to the above TV shows described, this one tends to take a more realistic turn in terms of just how difficult it can be to renovate a home.

House Hunters Renovation

Potential buyers tour a total of three homes available for them to choose, but pick the only one that is considered to be a “fixer upper.” This one also captures the behind-the-scenes after renovation starts. Unlike most renovation shows, House Hunters Renovation tracks the progress.