When wondering whether you should be using smart home technology in your rental property is a question many landlords have asked. There is no cut-and-clear answer for every landlord. However, you want to consider who you are marketing your property to when you decide which smart home technology may be useful in your rental.

Many potential clients will find a wealth of smart home features in their rental to be overwhelming. Older individuals may not be sure how to use many of these features. Putting these features into a rental can also be quite expensive.

However, certain smart features may be more practical and useful to renters than others.

The Home Security System:

One smart feature that many tenants may find useful is the home security system. A home security system is a smart home investment that saves the landlord time and frustration in the future. If the tenant accidentally loses their keys or leaves them in their rental, a simple change of the access code solves the problem.

Many low-cost options for automated home security systems can start as low as $149.99 in up-front costs. Moreover, renters value home security in the 21st century. A home security system can help your renters feel safe in their homes. That’s a premium people will be willing to pay for.

Thermostat Home Control Features:

People like to be in control, especially when it comes to their comfort and the environment. Allowing tenants to control the basics in their home from one central location can be appealing. Having one central location that is easy to operate to control things like the temperature of the home is a perk to many tenants. The system should be easy to use. Ideally, allowing someone to use the system from anywhere in the home makes it even better. Tenants will love pushing a button from their couch or armchair and controlling the temperature in their rental.

LED Light Bulbs:

Whether it’s considered “smart home technology” or not, LED light bulbs do the planet, and your tenants both a favor: they help reduce the electric bill. LED light bulbs have become the standard for most homes today.  These light bulbs are not overly-expensive. They are better for the environment. These light bulbs are available at most regular hardware stores.

Moreover, tenants will appreciate the lowered utility costs.

Keep It Practical:

Smart features like a home security system or thermostat controls are practical for most tenants to use. However, going overboard with smart home features and appliances like Smart TVs, smart refrigerators, etc. might be a little much for the average tenant. People may have no clue how to use these appliances. Others have no needs for these exact features in their rental.


Smart appliances may have places in very upscale rentals, but for most day-to-day needs of tenants. These features will not break the bank if you add them to your rentals. They will be practical for the use of your tenants without costing the landlord a ton of money to install them.