As friends grow older, start getting married, and buying houses, younger friends may be at a loss for what to bring to a housewarming party. Here’s a quick run down of ideas for how to help your friends feel at home in their new place:

Candles: A classic and a staple, candles always make a home feel more cozy and smell more fragrant. Opt for a simple middle of the road scent like roses or linens, not a wacky out of left field one like a food.

Vases and Flowers: A simple tasteful treat that a homeowner wouldn’t get for him or herself.

Cookware: No one can ever have enough mixing bowls, spatulas, cake pans, and other basic baking necessities. One good quality cookware item could last a person upwards of 10 years.

Coffee Table Books: Having a big picture book to set on the coffee table can help turn a house into a home. Find a book with a classic artist that the host and/or hostess regards, or bring one with lots of local history and photography to welcome them into a new area.

Coffee: You can’t possibly go wrong with a smattering of beans and roasts from a local cafe to welcome people in after they’re exhausted from a big move.

Recipe Book: Especially if the area has a lot of specialty dishes for which travelers visit from far and wide, a recipe book with local meals, desserts, and delicacies would be a touching and practical gift for a housewarming party.

Reusable Shopping Bags: This is another item that a family will always find use for. See if you can find some that were locally designed or have a fun and handy twist.

Chargers: No one has ever complained of having too many phone chargers. Little things like chargers and bricks are wont to get lost during a move, so making sure the family has plenty to spare could save them a lot of headaches.

House Plants: A gift that keeps on giving. Plants have been well documented to improve a living situation by bringing in oxygen and making a space feel more “alive.” Choose to bring a plant that’s low-maintenance and requires little sun.

Storage Containers: Another item that’s easy to lose in a move. A newly-moved-in family will likely jump at more jars, Tupperware containers, or lidded bowls to keep their food fresh and clearly labelled as they readjust to “normal” life.

High Quality Consumables: It’s the little treats that can make someone’s day. High quality olive oils or balsamic vinegars would be a huge and welcome treat that a person likely wouldn’t buy for him or herself.

Gift Cards to Local Stores: A huge part of moving is having to guess-and-test lots of grocery stores and restaurants to replace the ones you left with your old house. A new family would love some gift cards to the best close places to try stuff out on their own time.