When most people think about investing in real estate, they think about buying homes, fixing them up, and flipping them. However, you don’t have to do that. In fact, you may be able to get away with buying move-in ready homes and still turning a profit.

Here are some reasons why you should think about it.

  • You can still get a good deal on a move-in ready home. Some people are desperate to get out of their homes, and they will sell it for whatever they can, just to move on. You might be able to find a good investment that needs very little work and still be able to flip it for a profit.
  • You may want to buy a newly updated home to invest in if you aren’t able to fix up homes. Fixing and flipping homes can be a great investment unless you can’t do it yourself. If you need to hire a contractor to do everything that needs to be done, you might end up spending too much money on it. You might struggle to make a profit after the renovations are done.
  • You want a stable return. As you near retirement, you may not want to buy homes in any condition and fix them up, not knowing exactly what you are going to find as you start tearing them apart. You may decide that you want a simpler return, without the stress of doing renovations.

Though many enjoy fixing and flipping homes, you could easily find a move-in ready home that allows you to buy it and sell it for a profit, without doing any work to it. This is especially good when you aren’t able to do the repairs yourself. You could spend thousands on labor alone! You may also decide to look away from fixer-uppers and focus on move-in ready homes because you are tired of the stress that comes with renovations.